Animal Guardians is the leader in the worldwide effort to end bullfighting where it is currently practiced. We are the single most effective and proven tool in the arsenal to arm individuals and organizations to combat bullfighting on a global scale.

Bullfighting in 60 Seconds


Our Colleague Marta Esteban is Interviewed on Behalf of the Bulls


Recent News, Actions, and More

Next September 16 Madrid will dress in white and green. The demonstration will start at 17:00 with a symbolic act in the Puerta del Sol, in homage to all the animals that have been tortured and executed in the name of the sadistic bullfighting tradition. Then we will march through … Read More

The scenes are shot from the bull’s perspective. The camera focuses on the animal, and it is very explicit: there are close-ups of blood, spasms, vomit, drool, urine and feces brought on by the pain and the fear. But the thing that strikes viewers the most is the helpless look … Read More

A Spanish province is bringing in laws aimed at eliminating bullfighting by the back door despite opposition from the country’s government and constitutional court in Madrid, which has ruled that the practice is a protected part of “common cultural heritage”. The Balearic Islands, which include popular holiday destinations such as … Read More