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Animal Guardians
Two bulls were instantly killed as they clashed heads in a Spanish bullfighting arena. Shocking footage captured the freak accident which saw the two half-ton creatures collide at high speed in front of crowds in ... Read More
September 21, 20164Guardians2
Toro de la Vega
The organization Platform Torture is Not Culture has filed a complaint following a publication on the website of Patronato del Toro de la Vega where the legal body behind the organization of the controversial festival ... Read More
September 18, 20164Guardians2
Party Against the Ill-Treatment of Animals
Thousands of Spaniards took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to demand an end to the centuries-old but controversial tradition of bullfighting. The protest came after the anti-bullfighting lobby successfully managed to obtain a ... Read More
September 11, 20164Guardians2
Matador Andres Roca Rey – aged just 19 from Peru – had been back on his feet for only a few days after being knocked unconscious during an earlier event. And amazingly Rey has already ... Read More
September 9, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
Bullfighting is a violent tradition that is unfortunately still around today. About 1,000 bulls are killed each year due to these barbaric fights. However, things have taken a turn for the worse. In Valmojado, Spain, ... Read More
September 3, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
A well-known matador has been killed during a bullfight in eastern Spain, the first such incident to occur in the country this century. The fight was taking place at the festival Feria del Angel in ... Read More
July 11, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
Animal rights campaigners claimed a "historic" victory in Spain on Tuesday when the region of Castile & Leon banned the Toro de la Vega festival, in which men compete to spear a bull to death. ... Read More
July 3, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
The southern Mediterranean city of Valencia has banned a longtime tradition in which bulls are set loose on neighborhood streets with flaming balls of wax or fireworks affixed to their horns. Mayor Joan Ribo cited ... Read More
June 25, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
Animal rights activists won a partial victory in a decadelong campaign on Thursday when a Spanish region banned the killing of bulls in a notorious ritual in which thousands of people each year chase a ... Read More
May 26, 20164Guardians2
Animal Guardians
As matadors face half-ton bulls this month during Madrid's most important annual series of bullfights and Pamplona gears up for its chaotic July bull runs down cobblestoned streets, tensions are building between anti-bullfighting forces and ... Read More
May 14, 20164Guardians2